Antiquariaat Dearartbooks
Alex Winnepenninckx

Together with my wife and some friends I have written a book on the Mechelen architect Jos. Chabot ( see for this : Jos. Chabot, an architect from Mechelen). It was published in 1996. While writing this book I got fascinated by the architecture and decorative arts from the inter war era. Especially art deco and modernism interested me.

Afterwards I followed an antiques course and made papers (a.o. on the ceramics of Clarice Cliff) dealing with arts in the interbellum. Since I had always been reading a lot and had been crazy about books, I wanted to have my own shop with second hand and antiquarian books on architecture,art and design. I eventually started it in 1999.

My antiquarian book shop has existed in 2014 for 15 years. Especially in the Netherlands, which has a wide spread love for books, I have been successful. I yearly participate at the book fairs in Dordrecht,Deventer and Tilburg. But also the art bookfair in Ghent (SMAK) is one of my favourites, as well as the monthly book event in the Museum for the Aeroplane in Brussels. You can also find a selection of my book on the internet :

From June 2014 onwards the shop will be open on Saturdays from 2 till 6 p.m. All other days you can visit us on appointment.

My customers are people who are interested in 20th century architecture, design and art. I invite every one to join me in my shop to exchange ideas and speak about our common passion. I intend to organise on a regular basis activities and events on 20th century and contemporary architecture, arts and design. In this respect I hope to bring people in a shop full of life and experiences.

To celebrate its 15 years existence, we also wanted to launch a website : Why this name? “Dear” stands for books on “Design and Architecture” We also want to stress the fact that we sell precious and much loved books in the field of design, architecture and art.